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Underage Gambling and William Hill’s Fight against It

Dealing with underage gambling is an everyday concern for most gambling companies. However, there are some gambling companies or operators who are taking the issue very seriously and to that end taking strict measures to prevent underage players from accessing gambling games. One such company is William Hill, which has recently taken new and innovative measures screen underage gamblers.

A Twitter screening tool – what is it?

William HillSocial medial is a huge part of gambling operators as it helps them in their promotional activities. This also connects them with their customers especially who are in their 20s or 30s. But with this also comes the problem of underage gamers who can easily access information about new gambling games and promotions from the companies’ social media accounts.

To counter this William Hill has launched age verification for their twitter account. It is a huge step for the company who has always taken measures to protect its consumers.

Why is this big news?

William Hill is licensed in the Gibraltar but it operates its gaming outlets in the UK as well where it has to follow the regulations set by the Gambling Commission in the UK. In the recent weeks, the commission has been more vocal about making rules strict for underage gambling. After this announcement, several outlets of William Hill in Yorkshire scored very well in terms of underage screening methods. The company makes sure to ask for age verification for anyone who enters their stores and also when anyone gambles. These two methods are very effective in reducing instances of gambling by those who are still not of 18 years.

While William Hill has always been careful in screening underage gamblers, the measures taken by it since the announcement by the gambling communion have brought their ways and methods in notice. The company has always believed that underage gambling to be a huge problem nevertheless it believes in complying with the UK laws. They also believe in protection of their consumers, which can be a problem if the age or other verifications are not done properly. The authorities in the UK have warned of strict action, even revoking licenses, for those operators who are not doing anything to prevent underage gambling or where preventive measures for underage gambling are not enough.