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UK’s Largest Casino Seeks UK’s Smallest Bouncers

The largest casino in the United Kingdom has put out an advertisement for six “door blackjack1dwarfs” to be bouncers. The owner of the Hippodrome Casino in London stated he was interested in building on the tiny performer tradition, declaring that “nobody messes with a dwarf.”

The scheme would have those shorter than 4ft 10in at the entrance of the casino, and the advertisement is said to have gone well, convincing management to maintain this system on a regular basis.

When questioned about the request, the chairman and CEO of the casino, Simon Thomas, noted that this was just one in a long line of employment for dwarfs at the casino. Having opened in 1900 as an indoor circus, several people like Tom Thumb and Little Titch have been known to perform on the site.

After stating that nobody would “mess with dwarfs,” Thomas continued by saying these individuals can better handle a human eclipse better than other clubs in London do. While he admits it may not be very “macho,” it should help in the efficiency of controlling the door.

Located in Leicester Square of London, the Hippodrome opened its doors once again in July 2012 as the biggest casino of the city, pulling in about 35,000 every week and gambling about £1 million every day. The casino was designed to look much like those in Las Vegas with three floors of slot machines and poker tables in addition to a steak restaurant, six bars and complete with a full sized cabaret theatre.

Thomas noted that the search for “door dwarfs” was built on the idea of innovative entertainment as the applicants must have the ability to make visitors smile as well. However, Thomas rejected the idea that the casino wants to poke fun at physical attributes, claiming there is no discrimination.

He went on to say that the casino is attempting to maintain its entertaining traits with employees that have several different skills as he chooses individuals that have attributes that make sense for the job in question. In this case, he states, “door dwarfs” would work best for bouncers at the entrance.

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