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Review of the BETAT Casino in 2015

Plenty of great online casinos solidified their market position in 2014. However, there is one casino that should rise to the fore in the coming 12 to 18 months. The BETAT Casino has been catching the eye of many experts in Canada and Europe.

Expansion –

BETAT CasinoThe BETAT Casino started off by targeting players who spoke English as their first language. This allowed BETAT to build a customer base in many countries, including Canada. However, their lack of other languages limited their appeal. In 2015, they will be adding French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese to their website. The addition of French will appeal to Canadian players, and not just to those wanting an experience at online casinos canada. Many in the country prefer to speak and use the internet in the French language..

Licensing –

With licensing becoming an issue in many countries, BETAT has already taken steps to ensure their UK license. This allows the site to operate in the UK and in other countries. Having a license from a major European country gives BETAT a security and reliability edge on its rivals, with most casinos getting their licenses from Malta or Gibraltar.

Mobile Casino –

There are already plenty of mobile slots games at BETAT Casino. However, they currently lack the table games on mobile that many of their competitors can offer. This will change in 2015, with BETAT hoping to roll out mobile versions of poker, blackjack, roulette and other classic casino games.

These games will be developed by the best mobile gambling software companies in the world. BETAT is not sparing any expense in providing quality games to their customers.

Payments –

Being able to deposit and withdraw money with ease is a major issue for online casino players. BETAT is taking steps to add multiple payment methods to their website. Players in European countries already have a lot of options, but payment solutions will become easier for Canadian BETAT customers in 2015.