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Mobile & Live Betting Formats Enhanced

SBTech has recently released its next generation of live betting and mobile products. In the past, those who wanted to make sports bets would have to find a casino or find a bookie. Now eager sports betting fans can take advantage of the features provided by SBTech.

There’s an intuitive, easy to use interface for users. It’s engaging and it streamlines the live sports betting experience. There’s touch-screen support and there are more opportunities to bet in more markets – and this includes soccer, tennis and U.S. sports.

10Bet, a bookmaker in the United Kingdom, will be the first to showcase the new mobile and live betting products. SBTech anticipates being able to roll out to the rest of their operators by the end of the last quarter.

10Bet makes the comment that they are impressed by the product’s improvements and they are eager to be able to roll out a new product for their own clients. With mobility becoming the number one way for sports betting fans to want to make their bet, it only makes sense that bookmakers are able to deliver.

The mobile application provides access to more than 10,000 live betting matches. This gives everyone full and immediate access to bet on any sporting event they are interested in. This is a large number of matches and it will be hard to find another company that can compete even close to this.

Mobile & Live Betting Formats EnhancedOnce SBTech’s new platform rolls out, mobile and live betting will take on a new meaning. Those in the UK and around the rest of the world will finally be able to place bets where they desire. There’s no need to settle on horses and rugby only. The possibilities have been expanded considerably. Now if a sports fan wants to make a bet on a tennis match, an NFL football game, or even the World Cup, they can do so – and do so from their mobile phone with the touch of a button.

Sports betting has always been popular and now SBTech makes it easier through the new apps that they have released into the marketplace to be used by bookmakers.