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Games Etiquette

  • As Rick would tell you, proper etiquette is always important – you don’t want to come across as a heel. The most important rule is to have easy manners and make your guests feel comfortable – it’s all about courtesy. Etiquette is something Canada’s online casino always stresses to their players.


  •  Don’t pick up your cards one by one – wait until you have been dealt the lot, then wait until all the other players have organised their cards, before you make your play.
  • Learn the hand signals to hit or stand during Blackjack, and use these to communicate with the dealer.
  • In a casino, never hand money directly to the dealer – chips should be used instead, and don’t touch the chips a second time, one you have placed them.
  • If you are tired and cannot concentrate, quit the game.
  • Keep that witty banter for the pauses between play – when the cards are dealt or shuffled – conversation during play should be the bare minimum.
  • Never comment on how well or poorly your opponents are playing, offer unwanted advice or brag about your own score.
  • Bid loudly and clearly, so that everyone can hear.
  • Always keep strong emotions under control – better to leave the table and cool off than to blow your fuse!
  • Don’t touch the felt when playing Craps, but try to keep hands in view as much as possible.