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Enzo Gomez Leads UKPC High Roller Sky Poker of 2015

sky-pokerThe 2015 UK Poker Championship of High Rollers referred to locally as Dusk till Dawn began last month. The tournament organisers, Rob Yong and Sky Poker’s management team had set a buy in of £3000 and aimed for a prize pool of £150,000 which was perfect as they managed to garner a prize pool of £156,000 as there were 43 unique entries for this event while eight re-entries were carried out. Despite the tough competition 51 players managed to qualify for the final day and they are being led by Enzo Gomes who has been a regular player since 2006.

Details about players in final round

Enzo Gomes has a string of wins and the largest of them is an impressive £32000 for winning a bounty event at European Poker Tour of London. Enzo Gomes will begin the game as a front runner with 413,800 chips and while second runner up Andy Bacon began with an impressive collection of 299,700 chips. With the high stakes and buy-in of £ 3000 there are an elite group of players in the tournament comprising of the creator John Duthie who will begin his game with 243,500 chips and will challenge other top players.

Players to watch out for

The finalists also have last year’s High Roller champ Jeremy Nock, who is looking forward to repeat his performance with 178,300 chips, while another champion Matas Cimbolas is making plans to beat him with 156,900 chips.

Other impressive players at the event that are likely to make a strong fight for the finishing event are Jareth East and Ludovic Geilich with 139100 and 126,500 chips between them. Close contenders for the title are other promising players like Keith Johnson with 95,500 chips while Stuart Fox has 86600 chips followed by William Chattaway with 55,800 and Senh Man Ung with 29400 chips. Since more players are likely to join in on Day 2 to take part in the guaranteed £ 1000,000 main event, final outcome cannot be estimated now.