Big Names and Big Games

Casinos around the world often draw in crowds simply by booking big-name entertainers. century casinoOn top of the excitement of the games, offering live entertainment from musical acts and other types of well-known entertainers often brings people through the casino doors who might not normally venture into this kind of environment. One of the biggest gaming outlets to become renown for their quality of games in addition to the acts that come their way is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It is not just rock memorabilia and great food that distinguishes these establishments. Willie Nelson has been a huge supporter of this outfit, and he will be making his way back to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa in the very near future.

The Venue

Willie Nelson will be taking the stage at The Joint within this Hard Rock’s doors. The two shows that he recently put on in this arena were filled to capacity for both dates. The tickets for getting in are under $50, making this an opportunity for world-class entertainment and gaming that cannot be matched. There is no wonder that Willie Nelson has such a dedicated following that consistently packs the floor for any live show that he puts on in any country. To date, Nelson has had more than 100 singles from over 69 different studio albums. When you look at the charts, you quickly discover that Nelson has put together 25 songs that have reached number one on the charts in the United States.

The Legend

Some of the beloved songs that followers will be coming out to hear include “Always On My Mind,” “On the Road Again,” “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, “ and “Georgia on My Mind.” There is also always a good chance to see other renown performs join him on stage when you are in attendance at one of his legendary shows. In the past, he has performed with legends such as Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, Emmy Lou Harris, and Loretta Lynn. Nelson has been the recipient of seven Grammy awards and hails from Abbott, Texas.

UK’s Largest Casino Seeks UK’s Smallest Bouncers

The largest casino in the United Kingdom has put out an advertisement for six “door blackjack1dwarfs” to be bouncers. The owner of the Hippodrome Casino in London stated he was interested in building on the tiny performer tradition, declaring that “nobody messes with a dwarf.”

The scheme would have those shorter than 4ft 10in at the entrance of the casino, and the advertisement is said to have gone well, convincing management to maintain this system on a regular basis.

When questioned about the request, the chairman and CEO of the casino, Simon Thomas, noted that this was just one in a long line of employment for dwarfs at the casino. Having opened in 1900 as an indoor circus, several people like Tom Thumb and Little Titch have been known to perform on the site.

After stating that nobody would “mess with dwarfs,” Thomas continued by saying these individuals can better handle a human eclipse better than other clubs in London do. While he admits it may not be very “macho,” it should help in the efficiency of controlling the door.

Located in Leicester Square of London, the Hippodrome opened its doors once again in July 2012 as the biggest casino of the city, pulling in about 35,000 every week and gambling about £1 million every day. The casino was designed to look much like those in Las Vegas with three floors of slot machines and poker tables in addition to a steak restaurant, six bars and complete with a full sized cabaret theatre.

Thomas noted that the search for “door dwarfs” was built on the idea of innovative entertainment as the applicants must have the ability to make visitors smile as well. However, Thomas rejected the idea that the casino wants to poke fun at physical attributes, claiming there is no discrimination.

He went on to say that the casino is attempting to maintain its entertaining traits with employees that have several different skills as he chooses individuals that have attributes that make sense for the job in question. In this case, he states, “door dwarfs” would work best for bouncers at the entrance.

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British Gambling Giant William Hill Pic Goes Global

The largest betting agency in the world in terms of market value, British giant gambling company William Hill Pic just got a little bigger with the acquisition of Australian online betting mega-company Tom Waterhouse NT. William Hill paid A$110 million or about GBP 64 million, and $34 million (U.S.) and acquired the company debt. This makes William Hill Australia’s leading online sports betting site as of August 2013. This increases value for the brand that is an FTSE 100 group that also employs 3,000 people in Yorkshire and nearly 1,300 Leeds workers

Gambling Giant William Hill

William Hill pledged to put money into Ton Waterhouse NT to make the online giant even better for bettors. William Hill will invest up to A$70 million adjusted to earnings on to guarantee annual growth of the company to A$10 million in 2014 and A$30 million in 2015.

Already operating Centrebet in Australia, William Hill’s takeover effort supplements its recent purchase of Sportingbet PLC’s operations in Australia. It paid A$670 to Sportingbet and took over Tabcorp Holdings Ltd. in the land down under. William Hill CEO Ralph Topping said the acquisitions were expanding the company’s customer base rapidly in compatible markets.

Topping said the company was putting in place the top people in sports betting to form one impressive team. Tom Waterhouse and his team represented a valuable addition to the William Hill family, he said.

William Hill makes more than GBP 1.2 billion annually. However, the site is not making money. William Hill leadership was confident its influx of capital and other “substantial synergies” would turn around the /australian giant. Tom Waterhouse will keep his post as managing director and join the William Hill team, officials said.

The international market has assumed front center stage for William Hill, the top betting company in market value in the world. Company officials now term Australia as its “second home market.” The Tom Waerhouse company had been controversial. Waterhouse frequently appeared on Channel Nine as a highly publicized bookmaker. He provided a public face to the making of odds for football games on the tube. However, it later was revealed he paid to be on TV.

The Australian government announced a crackdown n bookies promoting betting odds after those disclosures. Waterhouse said he would get off TV in a public letter printed in The Daily Telegraph.

£50,000 Fine Levied On Cameron Jerome For Betting Offences

Cameron Jerome For Betting OffencesStoke City striker Cameron Jerome has been fined £50,000 by the Football Association for betting offences that were said not to be related to match fixing or betting on games in which he played. The Football Association did not state exactly what the betting offences were, but they did state that several of them took place.

Personal Hearing

The 26-year-old striker fought the charges by requesting a personal hearing. The hearing was held on August 13, but the fine was upheld. Jerome must pay £50,000 to answer for his unspecified violations of Football Association rules concerning betting.

After the hearing, the Football Association released a statement explain the ruling which stated that, “Jerome, who was also severely warned as to his future conduct, admitted a number of breaches of The FA’s Betting Rule.”

Speculation Rampant

There is no telling what the sports betting offences may be. The chances are that Jerome was placing bets of some kind that ran him afoul of Football Association rules that strictly prohibit most forms of gambling by players.

Chance of Appeal

Jerome can fight the ruling if he chooses to do so. Although he will not miss any playing time, £50,000 is a hefty chunk of change that will surely give Jerome incentive to think about fighting the charges. Although he already lost at the personal hearing, he may be able to reduce the fine amount by going through the appeal process. A complete overturning of the sentence is highly unlikely, and Jerome will have to be more careful in the future to avoid breaking the Football Association’s betting rules.

Not the Only Recent Betting Violations

Jerome is not the only person to run into problems with the Football Association regarding betting violations. Tottenham midfielder Andres Townsend was recently fined £18,000 and suspended for four months for unspecified betting offences, which caused him to miss playing for England in the Under-21 European Championship.

Also, Robert Heys, the managing director of Accrington Stanley, has admitted to committing betting offences as well. He has not yet been sentenced by the Football Association, but he has a hearing soon in front of the FA to respond to the charges.

Stoke City management is standing by their striker. They have said they support him and that he will not miss any playing time due to the violations, which is good news for Stoke City fans. This incident will serve as a warning to other players in the future.

UK-Based 2UP Gaming Eyes Atlantic City

2UP GamingJuly 29 was the deadline for the filing of applications for internet gambling license in the State of New Jersey for the go-live date of November 26, 2013. Among the 37 vendors filing applications was the British online gambling company 2UP Gaming PLC. 2UP is a publicly-traded (GXG:2GM) online gaming and wagering company based in London with an operations office located in West Melbourne, Australia.

The new legislation in New Jersey requires vendors to partner with a bricks-n-mortar casino located in Atlantic City before they can legally offer online gaming in the United States. Until New Jersey passed this law the only states licensing internet gaming operations in the U.S. were Delaware and Nevada. The Nevada-licensed Ultimate Poker is currently the only online gaming company operating legally in the U.S.

2UP has partnered with the New York City-based venture capital firm MidOil USA and together they are currently looking for an Atlantic City casino to form a partnership with, but with 37 applications for online gaming and only 12 existing casinos the prospects for a deal are far from certain. In addition to the $75 million contribution from MidOil, an Asian investment firm has committed another £215 million to the purchase or construction of a casino in Atlantic City. A lack of capital should not be a problem since recent sale negotiations for two Atlantic City casinos hovered between $15 and $20 million dollars due to the severely depressed real estate market.

The expansion of 2UP’s customer base into the U.S. market is a part of their strategy to become the leading online gaming site globally. In January of this year, 2UP announced the purchase of DBG Poker Group, thereby gaining access to proprietary, cutting edge technology that allows customers to experience “live dealers” online when playing poker, blackjack, baccarat, or roulette. From the perspective of 2UP, the American market must seem like the Wild West with only one legal competitor in play. After only 3 months of offering online gaming an Ultimate Poker customer recently won the 10 millionth hand. That amounts to over 110,000 hands per day on average. However, with 37 internet gaming companies filing applications in New Jersey in preparation for the go-live date in November, the U.S. market for legal online gambling will quickly become competitive. Whether 2UP will be able to throw their hat in the ring this year will depend on whether they find a casino to partner with.

Become a King or Queen of Australian Pokies

Be the King or Queen of the Australian pokies and know exactly how this phenomenal casino game became what it is today. Baffle your friends with your wits and general pokie knowledge, or share this infographic from Casino-Mate about The History of Pokies in Australia and impress those cute girls sitting at the bar. Do with it what you need to….Enjoy!

Pokies Info Graphic

Mobile & Live Betting Formats Enhanced

SBTech has recently released its next generation of live betting and mobile products. In the past, those who wanted to make sports bets would have to find a casino or find a bookie. Now eager sports betting fans can take advantage of the features provided by SBTech.

There’s an intuitive, easy to use interface for users. It’s engaging and it streamlines the live sports betting experience. There’s touch-screen support and there are more opportunities to bet in more markets – and this includes soccer, tennis and U.S. sports.

10Bet, a bookmaker in the United Kingdom, will be the first to showcase the new mobile and live betting products. SBTech anticipates being able to roll out to the rest of their operators by the end of the last quarter.

10Bet makes the comment that they are impressed by the product’s improvements and they are eager to be able to roll out a new product for their own clients. With mobility becoming the number one way for sports betting fans to want to make their bet, it only makes sense that bookmakers are able to deliver.

The mobile application provides access to more than 10,000 live betting matches. This gives everyone full and immediate access to bet on any sporting event they are interested in. This is a large number of matches and it will be hard to find another company that can compete even close to this.

Mobile & Live Betting Formats EnhancedOnce SBTech’s new platform rolls out, mobile and live betting will take on a new meaning. Those in the UK and around the rest of the world will finally be able to place bets where they desire. There’s no need to settle on horses and rugby only. The possibilities have been expanded considerably. Now if a sports fan wants to make a bet on a tennis match, an NFL football game, or even the World Cup, they can do so – and do so from their mobile phone with the touch of a button.

Sports betting has always been popular and now SBTech makes it easier through the new apps that they have released into the marketplace to be used by bookmakers.

Hong Kong Floating Casinos Prove Competition For Macau

For years, gamblers have chosen to go into the city of Macau, which is known for its high-end resorts and casinos. The problem that many face in today’s down-turned casino is that Macau is anything but budget-friendly. Hong Kong floating casinos have cashed in on this by offering a more cost effective way to gamble.

Those who had been attracted to Macau are now looking into taking an overnight cruise on a Hong Kong floating casinos. Guests are able to book a cruise and sail one hour into the waters before the gambling opens up. The gambling takes place on international waters, so tourists do not need a visa to enter the boats.

Hongkong Floating Casino

Hongkong Floating Casino

Macau casino operators say they are indifferent to whether people go on the floating casinos or not because the experience is completely different. The boats cannot offer the same in the way of shopping or dining.

While some gamblers are still going to book their gambling trip to Macau because of the improved overall experience, there are many gamblers who say they would rather spend their money on a Hong Kong floating casino. The hotels are expensive to stay the night in Macau and the prices are much more reasonable on the boats. As a result, those who are budget-minded are more likely going to book their casino vacation to Hong Kong, not Macau.

Macau may not feel the impact now, but it’s only a matter of time before they will. They anticipate revenue throughout the year and not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a single night hotel stay. This means that people are going to choose Hong Kong over Macau. They won’t spend as much money and that’s better for them.

Some people have to save for a year or longer to be able to afford Macau. With Hong Kong offering a more cost-effective way to gamble, people are likely to return more often to the floating casinos throughout the year. They will see significantly more repeat business than the operators in Macau will, regardless of whether the experience is better or not.

Tired Of Trying To Decipher Blackjack Terms And Hand Signals?

Casino UK has launched  their ‘Ultimate Guide to Blackjack’ info graphic. The info graphic details popular Blackjack terms and hand signals. Casino UK aims to help new players to the game of Blackjack, easily familiarize themselves with essential Blackjack terminology and hand gestures.

The descriptions are all easy to understand and can act as a convenient go-to-guide if you need refreshing on the card game. With Casino UK’s Blackjack info graphic you’ll be a 21 pro in no time.


New Casino for Massachusetts

Lion On Top Of A Roof Glass - MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts International is proposing a large casino resort to be located in the downtown Springfield area. Along with an 89,000 square feet casino, the $800M project would include 15 acres of property, including a 250 room hotel, wide variety of retail shops, variety of restaurants providing a formal as well as casual dining experience, night clubs, pool, and a health spa. The property would also house banquet and meeting areas, a 12-screen cinema, bowling lanes, and residential property in the form of one and two bedroom apartments.

Thanks to the state’s new gambling laws, the MGM Resorts International was able to apply for a casino gaming license. During a recent election, a majority of Springfield voters approved; but MGM still has a way to go before they can start building. MGM faces competition from two other gambling casinos. The Mohegan Sun and Hard Rock have applied for casino gambling licenses in the area. Mohegan Sun has proposed a project in Palmer, while Hard Rock has proposed a project for West Springfield.

MGM Resorts’ proposed casino project would bring significant revenue to the western Massachusetts area that would help pump up the economy. A natural gas explosion brought major trauma to an area near Springfield in November 2012. In addition, a tornado in 2011 brought major devastation to the city itself. According to plans, the casino project would be located in that same area.

Even though the project promises to bring much needed revenue to the area, opposition does exist. Opposers feel that having a casino in the area would promote irresponsible gambling which could lead to financial problems among low-income residents and the elderly on fixed incomes. Opposing residents also feel that the project could increase crime in that area and be the source of major traffic problems. However, the project would bring much needed jobs, including temporary construction jobs while the project is being built. MGM Resorts is planning to offer the Springfield area first priority for jobs with strong consideration for residents in surrounding cities and towns.

MGM Resorts International is one of the largest gaming and hospitality companies in the world with casino properties in Nevada, Mississippi, Michigan, and outside the United States in China. They also own and operate non-casino properties such as high-rise condominiums in Las Vegas, NV as well as overseas.