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Big Names and Big Games

Casinos around the world often draw in crowds simply by booking big-name entertainers. century casinoOn top of the excitement of the games, offering live entertainment from musical acts and other types of well-known entertainers often brings people through the casino doors who might not normally venture into this kind of environment. One of the biggest gaming outlets to become renown for their quality of games in addition to the acts that come their way is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It is not just rock memorabilia and great food that distinguishes these establishments. Willie Nelson has been a huge supporter of this outfit, and he will be making his way back to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa in the very near future.

The Venue

Willie Nelson will be taking the stage at The Joint within this Hard Rock’s doors. The two shows that he recently put on in this arena were filled to capacity for both dates. The tickets for getting in are under $50, making this an opportunity for world-class entertainment and gaming that cannot be matched. There is no wonder that Willie Nelson has such a dedicated following that consistently packs the floor for any live show that he puts on in any country. To date, Nelson has had more than 100 singles from over 69 different studio albums. When you look at the charts, you quickly discover that Nelson has put together 25 songs that have reached number one on the charts in the United States.

The Legend

Some of the beloved songs that followers will be coming out to hear include “Always On My Mind,” “On the Road Again,” “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, “ and “Georgia on My Mind.” There is also always a good chance to see other renown performs join him on stage when you are in attendance at one of his legendary shows. In the past, he has performed with legends such as Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, Emmy Lou Harris, and Loretta Lynn. Nelson has been the recipient of seven Grammy awards and hails from Abbott, Texas.