Underage Gambling and William Hill’s Fight against It

Dealing with underage gambling is an everyday concern for most gambling companies. However, there are some gambling companies or operators who are taking the issue very seriously and to that end taking strict measures to prevent underage players from accessing gambling games. One such company is William Hill, which has recently taken new and innovative measures screen underage gamblers.

A Twitter screening tool – what is it?

William HillSocial medial is a huge part of gambling operators as it helps them in their promotional activities. This also connects them with their customers especially who are in their 20s or 30s. But with this also comes the problem of underage gamers who can easily access information about new gambling games and promotions from the companies’ social media accounts.

To counter this William Hill has launched age verification for their twitter account. It is a huge step for the company who has always taken measures to protect its consumers.

Why is this big news?

William Hill is licensed in the Gibraltar but it operates its gaming outlets in the UK as well where it has to follow the regulations set by the Gambling Commission in the UK. In the recent weeks, the commission has been more vocal about making rules strict for underage gambling. After this announcement, several outlets of William Hill in Yorkshire scored very well in terms of underage screening methods. The company makes sure to ask for age verification for anyone who enters their stores and also when anyone gambles. These two methods are very effective in reducing instances of gambling by those who are still not of 18 years.

While William Hill has always been careful in screening underage gamblers, the measures taken by it since the announcement by the gambling communion have brought their ways and methods in notice. The company has always believed that underage gambling to be a huge problem nevertheless it believes in complying with the UK laws. They also believe in protection of their consumers, which can be a problem if the age or other verifications are not done properly. The authorities in the UK have warned of strict action, even revoking licenses, for those operators who are not doing anything to prevent underage gambling or where preventive measures for underage gambling are not enough.

Your Best Options to Gamble in UK

It is again that time of the year when you can spend time enjoying your favourite games at your own convenience. A number of mobile-accessible applications to suit portable devices have infiltrated the online gaming sector. In an attempt to garner patronage of as many players as possible, online gambling websites that cater to UK residents have stepped up the competition. They are now offering portals that feature exceptional quality products and improved standards.

UK Gambling

Here is a list of some of the best options UK has to offer to players:

  • Winner Casino

Full of bonuses, Winner Casino awards new joiners the opportunity to claim bonuses of up to £300, while high rollers are awarded an exclusive invitational bonus of £6,000. The Casino caters to NetEnt and Playtech games, which give players access to top video slot games based on themes like Rocky, Jack and the Beanstalk, Gladiator, and several Marvel slot games.

  • EU Casino

The popular online casino awards a welcome bonus of £1,000 to new players. Several additional bonuses await gamers with active involvement in tournaments. They have the option of choosing from a variety of table games, roulette, progressive slot jackpot games and video poker.

  • Hippodrome Casino

A dedicated Microgaming site, it gives players unlimited access to latest and hottest games released by the acclaimed game developer. Appealing games like Dark Knight and Jurassic Park are some of the many options available to interested players. In addition, Hippodrome offers the opportunity to join live dealer games accessible from mobile and portable android devices.

  • Tivoli Casino

One of the oldest names in the casino industry, Tivoli through its online platform provides gamers a comprehensive selection of games developed by NetEnt and Microgaming. New players are awarded 100 free spins and a welcome bonus of €500 as well.

Odobo to Partner with Unibet


A popular game development company, Odobo Games, is close to agreeing a deal with Unibet. This deal will ensure that Odobo can distribute its games to a much larger market share. They are looking towards the Nordic region for vast improvements, and Unibet should help them achieve that goal. Odobo has already been very successful in certain countries in Europe and North America, but they have yet to crack the likes of Denmark, Iceland or Finland.


Odobo has been responsible for producing some of the most popular smartphone and tablet games to come out over the past few years. Games such as Castle Builder, Sky Kingdom, Imperial 7s and Grand Blackjack are a few of their offerings.


With more than 100 countries served, Unibet is one of the most prominent names in the online casino and betting industry. Unibet has a huge number of users residing in countries such as United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark, and Austria. Odobo will be able to access all of these markets, giving them a level up on their competition.

It is important to keep in mind that this is not going to be a merger or a takeover. Unibet and Odobo will continue to exist as individual companies. The partnership is merely a marriage of convenience. Odobo wants to branch out into new markets and Unibet is looking for a new games distributor to add variety to their offerings.

Mobile Offerings:

The one thing that Unibet has lacked over the past few years is a complete mobile set up. Their games are fantastic, but they are not easily accessible to mobile users. Thanks to the partnership with Odobo, they will be able to offer HTML5 games to all of their users. This means users can play these games on Android, Apple and Windows Phone devices.

Mutual Benefits:

This is not the first time that Odobo will strike a mutually beneficial agreement with another company. They have also entered into partnerships with Betfair and Bet365, two popular UK betting companies. Odobo’s top brass are said to be very pleased with these associations. Their aim is to get Odobo to the very top of the game development industry.

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Italian Casino Mobile Gets 2 New Apps Courtesy Gamenet & Game360

Gamenet, the well-known game provider for mobile and tablet devices, has combined with Game360 to put forth two new mobile casino applications for table games and slot games in the Italy market. The applications, currently available for iPhones and Android devices, are relying on mobile technology to augment its number of users. This year’s Audiweb survey conducted in March reported that Italy’s online gaming activity is over 35%.

The applications are easy to use, entertaining, and have state of the art graphics. Developed with native programming code, the apps allow the users to indulge in high speed gaming without having to worry about security.


Games application

This first application is designed especially for casino lovers. It offers three games: Black Jack, European Roulette, and 3 Reels HI-LO.

The Black Jack game features realistic card and casino-like animations with high graphics. The players have three levels of bets to select from. European Roulette, a very popular casino game, is available in the Games app in three levels: the premium, classic, and the VIP levels. The 3 Reels HI-LO is another popular game where players can select their stakes and predict numbers between 1 (the lowest) and 13 (the highest).

Slots application

With six video slots, the application has games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The first four game— Magic Scarab, Lucky Day, Golden Pearl, and Angry Fruits—are readily available with the app. The other two games: Under the Sea and El Paso Saloon will be added to the app at a later time with other features.

Francesco Mastantuoni, Gamenet Betting Division’s General Manager, said that the company is very happy with the possibility of upping its standards in the mobile gaming market. Also, he said that there is a very high possibility that the number of customers of the company will increase substantially.

Founder and Chief Executive of Game360, Andrea Guzzon said that the apps comply with the rules of legal gambling and will provide its players with a unique gaming experience using safe technological advanced products.

Yggdrasil Partners With European Gaming Company Unibet

Online CasinoOne of Europe’s largest online gaming firms, Unibet, has struck up a partnership with Yggdrasil to make online slot and poker machines available throughout Europe. Yggdrasil has announced that it will make its entire back catalog of games available to Unibet. The company says it is adding 10 new national currencies to its betting system.

Yggdrasil’s Biggest Partnership to Date

Yggdrasil’s chief executive officer, Fredrik Elmqvist, revealed that the company’s partnership with Unibet is its biggest ever. It’s “our biggest live” opening in the history of Yggdrasil, he said. Elmqvist hinted that his firm is preparing to put a major company overhaul into effect following the Unibet deal. Yggdrasil hopes to add a long list of new partners to its company in the coming months.

The popular online casino company has had many hit games over the years, including Winterberries, a 5-reel slot game with 25 ways to win. Another popular slot game, Jokerizer, teases players with random puzzles and mysterious, scattered symbols.

Company History and Accomplishments

Yggdrasil is a relatively new online gaming company located in Malta. Quick to become popular and successful, they have specialized mainly in video slot machines but also dabbled in lottery games, scratch cards, 3-D Keno and other online and computerized gambling. One reason Yggdrasil has become popular so quickly is the interesting graphics and responsive game play of their catalog of video casino games.

While the company puts the focus on computer gambling, they also operate a daily Lotto 7 jackpot in Malta. The game offers a maximum of 2.5 million Euros in a progressive jackpot, which is pooled and accumulated throughout the week. They offer their online casino games for desktop browsers and mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads and Android phones. The graphics for each device tend to vary depending on the device’s capabilities, but most smartphones support 3-D graphics and online, multi-player gaming.

Yggdrasil’s games make use of numbers to entice players to place bets on appealing combinations. The mobile scratch card games generally offer multiple ways to win, with surprising payoffs based on the player’s view of the gaming console.

Contradictory UK Games and Betting March News

In the month of March, UK gaming gambling industries took a hit and made a gain. In particular, bookies were attacked by laws and bingo was given a break. While government officials have touted that addiction is at the center of their argument for increasing taxation and changing laws for bookies, they are not divulging the same justifications for bingo. Either way, investors make their own decisions about where this game is headed.

games and bettingTaxing the “crack cocaine” of betting games

A tax took effect in March 2014 that hoped to limit the controversial fixed odds betting terminals (FOTBs). Many lawmakers were quick to point out that research shows that FOTBs target poorer neighborhoods with £13bn spent in the poorest 25 percent of England. For these reasons, FOTBs have been called the “crack cocaine” of betting games. The end result of the new laws was a significant loss in revenues for bookies over the month of March. High street bookies like William Hill, Paddy Power, and Ladbrokes report that they may need to close shops and make workers redundant.

Bingo games cut a break

Despite the accusations about addiction, the gambling game of bingo was given a duty rate reduction of 50 percent. This new law that was enacted in the month of March lowers the rate to 10 percent. The Rank Group stated that this was a significant gain to their 97 bingo halls and would result in opening of new business establishments. They also have a share increase of 7.5 percent upon announcement of the new duty break. When questioned about the 5 percent increase on FOTBs and the contradictory cut to the bingo duty rates, government officials stated that the link between gambling and addiction is intrinsically tied to the use of a machine.

Investors will follow duty cuts?

The new March laws will definitely instigate change in the gaming industry in the UK. Already, there have been reports that the duty cuts will be used to reduce entry prices and increase prize pots. With FOTBs shops forced to close, more customers will take their urges to be entertained by gambling to the nearest bingo halls. However, what will always happen when taxes increase or decrease is investment diversification by shareholders. As it stands, bingo has 10 percent duty, sports betting has 15 percent and FOTBs have 25 percent.

More of That on St. Patrick’s Day

Although rising star Annie Power and return champ Big Buck’s received the lion’s share of the pre-race attention, it was 15-2 third favorite More Of That who managed to dominate the Ladbrokes World Hurdle.

st patricks day

At Fishers Cross

More Of That was not a longshot by any means, and under different circumstances, he may have entered the race as the second or even top favorite. Nevertheless, Tony McCoy did choose to ride At Fishers Cross, and More Of That did finish just third in a down-to-the-wire race against what should have been an easy field to dominate. After that, many experts felt that maybe More Of That simply was not as good as we thought he was, but perhaps St. Patrick’s Day proves that even horses can have off days.

Big Buck’s Return

Many fans desperately wanted the 11-year-old to win, and it is hard to blame them. The return of this great one was easily the best story at the Cheltenham Festival, and had he won, it would have been a horseracing moment remembered fondly for many years to come. Alas, it was not to be. He finished just fifth, and watching him, it was clear that he was no longer able to contend with the likes of More Of That and Annie Power. It makes us wonder what the experts saw to be so bullish on him.

The Ladbrokes World Hurdle

Heading into the Cheltenham Festival, many people suggested that this year’s World Hurdle would be the highlight of the event, and no one can argue with that now. It certainly lived up to the hype in nearly every sense. More Of That won over many fans this day. He’s a big-framed horse that has a tendency to be dull in practice, and that doesn’t generate much excitement. It’s clear now, however, that this other up-and-comer is certainly all business and can generate excitement when everything is one the line. Annie Power, on the other hand, the only mare, seemed to dwarf a bit under the din of a 60,000-person crowd.